Engineering at its best.

Over the last 10 years, as the market and the company matured, we have gradually moved away from motorsports towards Defence Land Vehicle Platforms, where we have focused specifically on the areas that made our name as race engineers.

In the process we have learned that small-volume high-added-value manufacturing has its own challenges: prototypes, testing, validating, production, assembly and control. For Piedrafita the documentary and support phases that underpin these activities are made our number-one priority from the outset.

Key features


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Some success stories

Truck Brakes. Discovering the problem and developing a test bench

One of our customers asked us to analyse the performance of a truck brake calliper system after several failures of said part during supplier evaluation process. Piedrafita installed embedded sensors to obtain every degree of freedom in the calliper during real tests. Finally, Piedrafita identified the problem and the conditions that motivated it and provided the customer company with a bespoke test bench to carry automatic out-of-standards evaluation for new providers. As a result, their provider-pool is now 6 times bigger than before.

Ad-hoc pneumatic actuator

Small space claim, harsh environment and special application? Don't hesitate anymore and rely on our flexible and experimented engineering department to give the best response in an unbeatable time frame. Here is a paddle shift actuator specially designed for the EuroFormula within a very demanding requirement table and extremely tight schedule.

Display integration in a steering wheel

Take a commercial professional steering wheel, make a carbon fibre shell replica and integrate a last generation display/logger. Connect it to your on-board data logging system and develop your own screens adapted to all driving conditions. With its virtual beacons, your GPS controlled device will be able to predict your lap time and compare it with your best one. Mandatory for any skilled driver looking for the last hundredth of a second.