About us


Established in 1987, Piedrafita was born as an engineering company within the motorsport sector. After over 30 years of hard work, Piedrafita has a focused portfolio composed of both products and services with clients ranging from the motorsport sector to the defence sector, passing through the general industrial sector.

Its highly qualified staff and its experience in special projects make Piedrafita the best partner when it comes to facing highly complex, technically challenging projects.

Our best asset, other than out highly qualified and experienced staff, is the generated and well managed technical know-how.

The company submits all its procedures to the ISO9001 standard and it holds the highest financial strength qualification (1A) by DUNS & BRADSTREET.

Mission Statement

Over the last 10 years, as the market and the company matured, we have gradually moved away from motorsports towards Defence Land Vehicle Platforms, where we have focused specifically on the areas that made our name as race engineers.

In the process we have learned that small-volume high-added-value manufacturing has its own challenges: prototypes, testing, validating, production, assembly and control. For Piedrafita the documentary and support phases that underpin these activities are made our number-one priority from the outset.


Our team

Luis Corral

Managing Director

Luis Barrada

Technical Director

Christian Ankenbauer

Technical Director
Piedrafita Germany

Manuel Montes

Workshop Manager

Pablo Martín

Testing Manager

Olivier Pla

Special Hydraulics Manager

Pablo Cerrolaza

Defence Electronics Manager

Sandra Serrano

Administration Manager


Piedrafita's headquartes blend both technical offices and construction areas to ensure the best engineering for your project.