Heavy duty
Rotary dampers

20 years designing and building high performance hydraulic systems

We have in our plant the capacity to manufacture all types of hydraulic systems: complete damping solutions, special actuators for test benches, customised pressure-relief valves, low-friction telescopic suspension cylinders, etc

If you have a need we can develop, build and test the solution

We deliver our parts desinged over specifications ant tested on real conditions in our testing facilities.

Wide range applications form automotive or motorsport to defense or constrution vehicles, our solutions are focus on high performace, availability and enegry disipation.

Key features


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We already placed Rotary Dampers in:

Land platforms

Tracked vehicles field is the origin of our rotary dampers. Beginning with the ASCOD platform, Piedrafita's rotary dampers are assuring crew comfort, mobility, and target engagement since 1995 in major defence programmes.

Wind turbine test benches

Simulating high passive torque is a problem while using linear dampers. It is the case of simulating the torque resistance of wind turbine blades while modifying pitch angle. We can adjust the damping curve to your needs, avoiding gear boxes or complex assemblies; just place the torque in the rotating point.

Dragline Dipper Doors

A full hydraulic, extreme low friction, and maintenance free rotary damper is the best option for damping heavy loads like dragline dipper doors. When a system is performing 8000 hours a year, forget about dampers maintenance is a distinguishing characteristic.

Wheeled vehicles

Piedrafita's rotary dampers are ready to serve in wheeled vehicles. While improving suspension performance, heat rejection, weight and reducing maintenance; Piedrafita's rotary dampers has a compression length of ZERO and could be attached to chassis' main beams.

Harsh environment

AR29T is very resistant in particularly harshe environment like salt, sand, mud, sea water, etc. Its compact design and robustness gives you a differential advantage on the road to victory.

Amphibious application

Performance and reliability are critical requirements when you need to be operative at any time in any conditions. Piedrafita’s dampers are IP69K and passed salt spray tests making it the most accurate solution for any demanding amphibious application like amphibious vehicle or harbor lock gates.